Bohler - WXSIM-Lite Run 2024-04-17-12 z Missing - Last was 2024-04-15-12 z

Last Bohler - WXSIM-Lite Run was ( 2024-04-15-12 z ) and Last Should Be ( 2024-04-17-12 z )

Tom and Sam have been emailed.

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Response from Sam

*This should be fixed now*


I don’t know any more than the above other than, I can confirm,
All Good - Bohler WXSIM-Lite - Last was ( 2024-04-17-18 z ) and Last Should Be ( 2024-04-17-18 z )

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If it’s fixed then it’s running late - Bohler - WXSIM-Lite Run 00 z Missing - Last was 2024-04-17-18 z

4-18-18 seems good here. I’m waiting to hear back from Sam what the problem was. Seems to be working now, though. I appreciate your vigilance!