Blitzortung Lightning

I was admiring the Blitzortung Lightning page at Saratoga-weather. Is there a script or template to make that happen?


Sure, but the catch is that you have to be running a Blitzortung detector – the script set requires a user:pass to your account at

If you have a Blitzortung station, I’d be pleased to send you the script.

I haven’t had time to ‘research’ it, but a year or so ago I set up Jachym’s Meteotemplate program and there was a block that would display Blitz’s data.

Perhaps you can look around at the Meteotemplate web page, look at the blocks available to install, and see if there are hints as to how he gets the data. I don’t recall that he said the block only worked if you were a provider of data to Blitz or not.

Just a thought, which may not pan out for you.