Best weather app for Android?

With the news that Dark Sky has gone to the dark side :wink: I’m wondering what people think is the best Android weather app? I guess everyone will have different opinions on what ‘best’ means. To me there are a few things…

  1. Must use a reputable and reliable source of weather data with frequent updates. I’m happy to pay a reasonable subscription if it’s a good data source (I know what it costs to run a service providing weather data)
  2. Good short term forecasts (next few hours → next few days)
  3. Has good graphics showing weather detail. I don’t mean blingy simplistic weather icons…I want detailed weather data visualised in a good way
  4. Has a good selection of widgets to select from that I can fit onto my phone front page
  5. No adverts - I’m prepared to pay for the privilege of not having them

I’ve currently got the following apps (not in any particular order) installed on my phone…

Today Weather
MeteoEarth (MeteoGroup)
Rain Today (Meteogroup)
WeatherPro (MeteoGroup)
Alerts Pro (MeteoGroup)
The Weather Channel
Storm Radar (Weather Channel)
Huawei Weather (data from Accuweather) - This is a built in app on the phone so I’m probably stuck with this!

Comments/thoughts/suggestions are welcomed.

PredictWind Professional :smiley:
Meteogram Pro. (By cloud3squared)

It looks like MeteoEarth is another victim of now being an Apple only app. I still have it installed on my phone but it’s no longer in the Android App Store so I guess it’s gone.

I’ve only had a quick look at it but I like the look of MeteoGram Pro. I need to take a longer look at it. Thanks for the pointer!

Yes Meteogram Pro is really great and highly customizable :smiley:
PredictWind Professional is a bit expensive at 100+$ a month…

I didn’t look at the subscription price for PredictWind, but at that price it’s far too expensive for me. It looks more suited to marine use so not really for me anyway.

Meteogram Pro has a lot of weatherforecasters to choose from.
Ive got the platinum version.

I saw that. I assume any of them are free when you have a platinum subscription?

I forgot the weather underground premium app.

Interesting - I didn’t know that IBM now owned both Weather Underground and Weather Channel. I have a lot of catching up to do!

My wife’s phone has the Huawei Weather app. I’d love to have this on my Samsung. The animated weather display in the background is pretty neat. I haven’t seen this on any other app.

The Huawei app is OK but if you want more details on anything you’re taken off to the Accuweather web site.

Weather XL Pro…
Meteored Weather 14 days pro.
Flowx Pro.
Weatherbug elite or pro.
Weather Live Premium.

Personal Weather widget reads your clientraw.txt , works well on my phone but not at all on my galaxy tablet. Wunderground and CoCoRaHs observer are the only weather apps i have on my phone