Basic Question about Computer COM port baud rate and Davis VP2 default 19200

I’ve looked pretty thoroughly through the posts but cannot find a definite answer to this question. The default baud rate for the Davis Vantage Pro2 is 19200. The baud rate for the Keyspan USA-19HS COM3 baud rate is 9600. Is this ok, or should the baud rates be the same (such as 19200)? This has confused me for a long time. Right now the rates are 19200 for my David Vantage Pro2 and 9600 for the Keyspan driver. Just wanted to make sure this was the BEST selection. Both WD and my web site work fine now at these rates, but wondered if equal rates would be better.

do not worry about what the baud rate shows there

the software sets the needed baud rate independlty

Thanks!! I’ll leave the rates as is.