Barometer spikes after reboot

Hi, I have started to see spikes to zero on my graphs after I reboot WD. I am using the latest version of WD and it’s being fed with a Ecowitt GW1000 and a Meteobridge RPI. I am not seeing it in any of my feeds to my web site just on the graphs. Here is a screen shot of what I am seeing.


when you way reboot WD
do you just mean restart?
i have done a few updates to build 120
so try downloading it again
(there is now build 121 available too (see a thread about that)

Yes, it happens when I restart WD. I downloaded and installed the latest (shows ver 120) and the problem is still there. I wasn’t able to find ver 121. Do you have a link?

I was able to find ver 121 and have installed it but find the problem is still there.

i have a meteobridge here now
if you could email me your settings files, I will test here

I have fixed this in the latest beta .zip update:

Working fine now. Thanks!