Barometer Problem?

Well I have now received my WS2300 and set up for the most part, however, mb reading shows 1016mb when sites near me show 1008mb at the moment. I have tried using the offset but that does not seem to work or is there another way I should be amending this? The unit ,easures absolute and relative hPa - what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks

ChaserUK :?:

The offset should allow you to change this.

However, make sure you’re comparing like with like…

Firstly, atmospheric pressure changes with height (approx 1mb/30ft at lower altitudes). So if you’re near sea level and the station you’re comparing with is a couple of hundred feet higher than you and is reporting local (not sea level adjusted) pressure then you’re showing roughly the correct value.

Secondly, how close is the station you’re comparing your values to and how ‘stable’ is the weather near you at the moment. If it’s not too close and the local conditions are rather variable at the moment then it could be that there is a real difference between you anyway.

Thanks for that - very much appreciated. My relative was way out and that is now reset after a reading from the Met Office - there is so much new information available to me now I am still taking it all in!

Once again, thank you for the advice. My elevation is roughly sea level anyway and being in East Anglia, the flattest part of the country I know that a reading near by to calibrate will not be too far out. Also, the weather is not to bad at the moment which quite a wide pressure gradient so all in all I have that sorted now!

Many thankd for your advice!

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