Barometer is Flatlined

For several months my barometer reading has flatlined on my Vantage Pro2 system and console. I know it gets its reading from the console but do not know what to do to correct this. Any answers?

It’s not clear what the problem is.
Has the baro reading flatlined on your VP2 console or on the WD graph?

If it’s on the WD graph, does the correct baro figure show in the Current Conditions area of the main screen?
Check you don’t have any offsets in the settings - Control Panel > Units & other Settings > Barometer Setup or Offsets & Initial Rain > Temp / Baro Offsets/Rain Totals.
Also in Control Panel > Station Type & Settings > Davis tab > do you have “Force barometer update every minute (default)” ticked?

The barometer reading shows - - - - on the console and a straight line on the graph. I checked the items you said to. The current conditions do not show the correct reading - it’s been the same value for several months.

If the VP2 console is showing - - - - then have you tried rebooting the console? Complete power down, batteries out and leave shut down for 10-15 minutes, then power it back up again.

It’s sounds more likely that the barometer sensor in the console has gone and needs replacing though. :frowning:
Maybe worth contacting Davis and see if they can repair it, I know you can get the sensor to replace it yourself but it means de-soldering then soldering the new one on the PCB.

I had a similar issue a few years ago. The barometer readings were wonky to say the least. Ended up getting a wireless envoy which has a pressure and temperature sensor in it and use that for my pressure readings.