B281 PM Times Show as AM in Testtags.php Today

I discovered that my maximum temperature occurred at ‘1:27 AM’ today (it was actually 1:27 PM) which led me to a dashboard ajaxgizmo that was reporting ‘am’ times this PM. Sure enough, testtags.php showed an AM time when it was actually PM. When I reverted to b280 the times in testtags.php and clientraw.txt were correctly shown as ‘pm’.

I remembered that I didn’t copy the new ‘testtags.txt’ distributed with the b281 zip to my /webfiles directory but just the /wdisplay directory, so I replaced the old testtags.txt in /webfiles with the new one and restored b281. No joy. The times went back to ‘am’.

I’m currently running b280 on my internet-connected WD machine and the times are correct in testtags.php and clientraw.txt.

I have WD monitoring a Vantage Vue that isn’t internet connected. It also showed a spurious AM maximum temperature this afternoon, so I’ve back-leveled it to b280 as well.

there is another thread about this
i will fix when i get back crom holiday
you could try though setting to use 24 hour time format in WD

OK, thanks, Brian. Meanwhile b280 seems to be working well. (I searched for a thread about this problem, but it came up empty.)

I put out a quick updated build 281 to resolve this issue (for hi/lo time stamps going forward after the update)

Thanks, Brian. Downloading now…

Installed now on my internet-connected machine. There’s a strange behavior when I click ‘Update Now’ on the ‘Control Panel-FTP & Connections’ screen. That screen disappears and I’m left in the ‘Internet File Creation & Uploads’ screen and don’t need to exit the ‘Control Panel’.

ok, I will look into that

Brian, with the latest version posted early this morning: when I click ‘Update Now’ on the ‘Control Panel-FTP & Connections’ screen WD now flips into ‘Internet File Creation & Uploads’ screen but the ‘Control Panel’ now persists after exiting ‘Internet File Creation & Uploads’.

I have not looked at this issue
where exactly is the update now button ? (i.e what tab?)

Under the ‘Webfile Upload Times’ tab.

where there are three buttons, the first one being, test internet update now?


so its the upload all now button that is the problem?
(sorry to be a pain, just wanting to get this right :slight_smile: )

Affirmative :lol:

ah, was just that you were refering to update now and now upload all now, which was throwing me :wink:

the next update should have this issue fixed :wink:

Thanks, Brian.

With today’s build the behavior of the ‘Upload All Now’ button has returned to b81 and before behavior, i.e. it actually uploads all items right after the button is pressed. Also, there is now a normal exit sequence.

Thanks, Brian!