Averages/extremes for month

I noticed that my averages/extremes for the month don’t always load. I also noted that for example June 2003, it is in data2htm as June2003.htm but the actual htm is june2003.htm.

Is there any reason why they don’t match? In fact , all of 2003 are in lower case, yet the programe generates the first letter as lower case

if you did a recrate the jun av ext web page, it was recreayed with a small j instead of a large J
i have that now
so rename the file to have a large J

if the view, average/extreme fails, then check under view, program error log, and you most likely will have an error reported there (i.e you have some data it does not like or something)

rename the htm file or do I go into the wdisplay ini?

try renaming it in the webfiles folder

will it update automaticall y

yes, as windows files are not case sensitive, whereas web page urls are

the changing of the june2003.htm to June2003.htm is only a temporary thing. As soon as new data comes at night, then it reverts back to the lower case.

I did some more looking and the months March and May, I had to reset the web averages… and those month also had small may, small march.

I am guessing that when a month is regenerated, the case of the first letter is made small case. Probably the program detects another version and makes the change. Data2htm, then doesn’t make the change and the portion of the program that generates that data2htm.txt only presents things in upper case, first letter.

So I see the following possibilities. Switching to manage my own dats2htm, make the change in the txt program to the smaller case june2003.htm and keep it that way until July 1, then make the switch back, change the name of the june2003.htm to upper case June and that should work , as that htm is no longer being updated.

Or, changing the name each day to the other case in the htm, then doing a manual upload.

Just seems to be a quirk of the software, somehow it just doesn’t like to name things the same way twice. Now where that is in the software, that is a question. I am not sure whether that is something that needs to be fixed right a way or down the road when things are boring.

Joe 8)

the THSW is 103F, Heat Index 85 Humidity 60% and of course very sunny with no wind, Ah Iowa in the summer …

but the main thing, i am thinking,is that wd uploads and renames it as a upper case letter
windows does not care about the case for the filename
but if you manualy upload it, then you will need to change the case…thats all

i am intending to still update the drop down list even if the let me manage datahtm2.txt is ticked (as aonther option)

I agree. I will send you an email rather than overwrite this board.

I think where I get myself in trouble is that I add a driver to something then when I do a system restore, it messes with the wd files. So when it updates the file structure, things don’t match and that is where things go screwy.

What I need to do is to add the second computer, network it to my system and have the second computer run WD and be done with this. Then the only issues would be strictly wd issues. Using the other computer for my other things that I do.

The one I am thinking is either an w98 lap top for WD or the one in the basement, the 866mhz, 384mb P3. get a smaller monitor and go with that.

Anyone have this running on a lap top with success? Both computers are winxp.

before doing a system restore, if you are not wanting to upset wd, back up the wdisplay.ini file and export the wdisplayftp.ini file from the regsitry beforehand, then recopy/import back when finished…as an idea
is 9.79e going better for you joe?
i am getting no reports of major problems, just the noaa report being a day behind i need to fix

it sure is, the email is very long, you might want to save it for when you can’t sleep.

this version works well. I am happy. :lol: