Automatic backup of logfiles option

Hi Brian ,

Wouldn’t it be possible to include some kind of automatic backup-option for the logfiles ? I mean : say the program would backup the logfiles automatically every 2 days on a pre-determined location ( another partition or disk ) and you could automatically restore this backup in case of a HDD crash ( something I’m familiar with :frowning: ) . It could do this in the background without even noticing it happening . Now you have to manually either change the location of the logfiles or make a manual backup , it would be nice to have this automated…

i did start this a long time ago
but then someone pointed out there are lots or shareware etc out that can do this for you

but i actualy did come across a zip routine
i will look again when i get time
(I now am very busy with cows calving, and its very wet here which makes it harder)