Auto Weather Email

I have to send a weather report email to my local tv station every day. Instead of manually doing it, it would be great to devise a way to have WD automatically email an address with selected information for the day…such as high, low, rainfall. Any ideas?

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use the custom email feature, where you use custom tags

Please correct me if I am wrong, but that is only for desktop based email and not web email which is what I use. Is there any way to make it work for web based email such as Yahoo?

Thank you.


It depends on what access your email provider allows to the server, most free email providers cannot be used this way. If you upgrade your yahoo to mail plus ($20? a year) then you would be able to send WD’s emails using your Yahoo mail ID.


Most ISPs provide an email address with your Internet account you may be able to use that. Gmail provides SMTP access however only SSL access is available which WD doesn’t support I don’t believe.


There’s fine FAQ created by Jaxweather here.

I just checked and Yahoo Mail Plus recommends using SSL but still works without. The server is and the port must be 587.

I think I will be able to get SSL support working for sending email with gmail
(the code used for the linux/mac version for SMTP can be set to auto detect and work with a SSL server)
I just need someones gmail account settings to test…

I will send you an invitation so you can setup your own account…

You don’t need invites any more, it’s open now.

Thats good news…now what do I do with my 87 invites? #-o