Auto scale extra temp/hum graph is -146 to -134

I have the Dallas 1-wire temp/hum sensor and if I RC graphs/dallas 1wire extra sensor graph and click on the sensor 1 tab this graph is correct for temp and hum. I named the graph and both sensors. In the auto scale graphs the graph for the extra temp/hum has hum plotted OK but the temp range on the left is -146 to -134. Any help? I have named them and saved/restated the program a bunch.



have you assigend a name for that temperature sensor in the dallas 1 wire setup?

Yes, I did name the Hum sensor. Also, in the auto scales the bottom 4 graphs have the same -134 to -146 scale for temp.

I installed WD on another computer and without setting anything checked the auto scale graphs and the 4 extra sensor graphs are the same way, the left side scale goes from -134 to -146. Does this sound like I don’t have WD setup correctly to see the temp sensor part of the AAG temp/hum sensor?


which graphs again are doing this>?
email me your wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt
the data file
the registry entry

i think i know…
its plotting the humidity only, and so the temperature scale should not be visible

but the dallas 1 wire humidity sensor has built in temperature, so i should/could plot that as well

but first i will blank out the temperature scale

9.76a now has the temp working on extra graph #3 and the hum is on the extra graph. I found that when you set the name for extra graph #3 is does not save it. So, any way to get both the temp and hum working on the extra graph together? Any way to be able to have a graph title on the top on each of the graphs on the auto scale graphs? I am uploading the graphs to a web site and than would like to have on another web page a link to just the graph jpg so it displays alone, so a graph title in the jpg would be nice, but not needed if it is alot of work.

Thanks again Brian for all your help and fast response!


i have fixed the hum # 3 name now (reset it)
in a new 9.76a, ready now, and now you can set the title name for each graph as well too

Thanks for the graph names! The extra graph # 3 name does not save and now the outdoor temp/hum from the WM918 is plotted on extra graph #3 and it is plotted on the second graph down from the top. The extra graph #1 still only has hum plotted on it. Can you get the temp/hum from the extra temp/hum sensor to plot together on one of the extra graphs? I now have an extra temp only 1 wire sensor and it plots on the extra graph # 2 just fine.