Austro Control Satellite Image Down

For those in the EU who use the satellite image from Austro Control on your website, the image that was at the following url seems to have been locked:

So if anyone has copied the URL in the that’s in the FAQ about creating animated gif’s then you’ll need to find another image to use. :wink:

Unfortunately it’s the one I use. I’d be really grateful to hear from anyone that knows where I can legally download (free) a weather sat image of Uk or EU if that is possible?

I do not have any software to do this so does anyone know of a good product that can run in the background to to this please?


Maybe they just moved stuff see

thanks NIKO! :smiley:

The porblem is that they have the image file names time stamped now, which they never used to be, so they’re not much use for downloading the image to use for the animation. As far as I know, you need a static file name for this. #-o

I’m going to keep looking but I think the only option is EUMETSAT which is alright but the other one was better IMHO.

Hi All

I have a backup plan you can use the images from this site without a problem

At the bottom it states

Sämtliche Informationen stehen für den privaten Gebrauch zur Verfügung.
Eine gewerbliche Nutzung ist nur mit unserer Genehmigung erlaubt.

Die FU-Berlin ist nicht verantwortlich für die Inhalte externer Internetseiten!

Which translated is

All information is available for private use.
Commercial use is only with our permission.

The FU-Berlin is not responsible for the content of external Internet pages!

If you go to section S then Satellitenbilder or Satellitenbilder von Meteosat these are where the images are shown

The cloud picci I am using is here

Once I have worked out how often they are updated I will download them instead of having a link


Well, after searching for the right image I’ve ended up with one of the EUMETSAT images as these are also free to use. So the animation is now building and should have all 8 images that I use by the time I get up in the morning.

One other image that I found was on Intellicast’s website but I think there may be an issue with using this one so I didn’t chance it and I’m going to email them & ask, unless one of our U.S members knows about using their images? :wink:

Seems to me that intellicast’s terms of use require permission to use the images.

That’s what I read as well Niko, hence the email.
I was just wondering if anyone uses their images and could say “don’t bother asking unless you want to pay” or “they’re normally fine with non-comercial websites”. :wink:

I had a look around the EUMETSAT galleries and found this

Would this be of any use? They say we can download the images as long as we add the copyright and a link back to their site

It’s nice but a little close in for what i’m looking for.
Living in the Western Isles it’s nice to be able to see what’s coming in from the Atlantic. :wink:

I’ve looked at the Intellicast one and it’s only updated every 3 hours so that’ not much good either.
I think I’ll stick with what I have for now.

Thanks for all the input. :smiley: