Aurora Early this morning

Aurora Captured this morning, so happy with the new Weather Webcam, she captures it better than any I have owned in the past.

Attached links to 3 hour Time-Lapse’s saved: Will add Future ones here too.

Webcam Pages :
Mobile :
Desktop :

My Aurora Australis (or Southern Aurora) Australian Space Weather Forecasting Center’s (BoM) api page works well too. The last project Beteljuice and I worked on before he passed away. Sadly I ended up completing it myself.

Link to api info here :

Mobile :
Desktop :

The Camera we Use is a : 4 K ColorVu ( Low-Light ) Fixed Bullet Network Camera by
Hikvision DS-2CD2T87G2-L 4K 8MP Gen2 ColorVu Bullet Camera with Acusense 60m White LED 2.8mm
High quality ( Low-Light ) imaging, 2.8 mm: horizontal FOV102°, vertical FOV 52°, diagonal FOV 124°

If it had been facing South, it would have been epic, sadly I can’t justify a second camera just to face South in the event it may capture and Aurora.

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I’m very jealous. I’ve always wanted to see an aurora but they don’t often get this far south and when they do it’s nearly always cloudy.

You didn’t see anything last night then? Some nice pictures taken around the NW. I missed it!

I missed it too. I’ve been busy on another project and haven’t been watching the weather/space weather very much. I should set up a notification of potential auroral conditions so that I stand the best chance to see it.

They showed a lovely photo from Cornwall of the aurora on BBC Breakfast TV this morning.