Aprsnow.txt issue

Brian, we have discussed this issue briefly before via e-mail. WD is having problems spelling ( :lol: ) As you can see (captured from my APRS beacon), it can’t seem to spell cloudy correctly. May I suggest we have the option to have the forecast removed from the text of the beacon or maybe teach WD how to spell…

@301513z3234.71N/08338.47W_180/000g004t041r000p000P000b10220h67partlylouy/RSW {UIV32N}

I had a look at the code, and it is beign generated OK, but being upset somewhere else along the way me thinks
Check the wxnow.txt file to see how it looks on your PC

It is fine now that the forecast is for rain:
@310945z3234.71N/08338.47W_089/000g004t045r000p000P000b10160h62rain/RSW {UIV32N}

However, something is happening whenever the forcasticon is cloudy or partly cloudy…it just dosen’t spell cloudy right. I realize this is not a big issue. I would really like to have the ability to shut the forecast insertion off as it adds little/or no value to the APRS beacon

i will add that option, but otherwise for now, under setup, summary image/icon setup, dont have ticked to use the stations forecast to update the icon
2003 here now!

i have added an option to turn this off, under the setup, wxnow setup…

Thanks Brian!..Happy New Year