APRS weather via Tiny Track TT4

Hi, I am attempting to set up a remote weather station using a solar-powered setup. The weather station is an old serial output WM918. For testing, I’m sending it to a laptop running Weather Display, which is set to output to a TNC every minute. The TNC I’m using is a Byonics Tiny Track TT4, which I was using for tracking, where it worked fine. After a bit of fighting with old Windows software and a faulty serial port, I now have Weather Display processing the WM918 data and outputting an APRS packet. The TinyTrak TT4 is accepting the packet and sending it to a handheld radio that transmits it OK, but when I look it up on www.aprs.fi, the packet is missing all the values. All the information is there, it’s identified as a weather station, but no values! All the data type letters are there (T for Temp, B for barometric, etc) but followed by dots instead of numbers, as below:

2016-12-25 08:25:19 NZDT: ZL3HUR-2>APTT4,MARLEY-1*,WIDE1*,WIDE2,qAR,ZL4AA-1:!4337.00S/17230.00E_…/…g…t…r…p…P…h…b…TU2k

Any suggestions?

My first thought would be to verify the Baud Rate of the serial port config. I had some issues with that when I set my TT4 up. It kept defaulting to something other then what I wanted.

I have a similar problem with twitter! Sometimes the data is there but sometimes not. I get emails to tell me the tweets are there but the data is missing but then when I open the emails to see twitter feed, the data is there. I tend to then go and forget about it! (https://twitter.com/falmouthweather)

I am seeing data…

Whoops…old post…