APRS Weather Station

I currently use a Tempest Weather station which is set up for APRS However every time we have a power outage I have to go back in my computer and reconfigure it.

Is there a Weather station out there that sends out the APRS information but by bypassing my computer.

Or does someone have a recommendation on different software that will retain the information for my Tempest.

Brian W4BJB

What are you reconfiguring exactly?

It’s the “Station Type and Settings “ in the control panel. I’m using Weather Display 10.37S build 148

When power goes out or computer reboots, the station ID as well as Sensor Settings has to be reloaded

Sorry for the delay and Thanks in advance


Sounds like the wdisplay.ini and/or wdisplayftp.reg files are not being written/saved, or, WD is not able to load these files when started.

How do you setup a Tempest station for APRS?

I’ll double check the *.ini files when I can. Set up for APRS was maybe 2 years ago using CWOP but it’s been a while so would have to dig up the steps. It is showing on APRS (W4BJB13). The only problem I am running into is when the PC reboots or power outages.


Make a current copy of the files via ->Action–>Backup Windows Registry Entries. That should save a current copy of both files to your wd backup directory.

Not a big deal, I was just curious what you meant when you said you setup the Tempest for APRS.

Ok just did the back up as you suggested. How do I import it back in should I need to?

The ini file you can just overwrite the file in the WD directory with the backup file when WD is not running. The reg file you double click it when WD is not running.

FWIW, I am most interested in why WD is failing to store/load the settings after being shutdown…