APRS/CWOP Setup with WD

Good Morning,
I notified CWOP Support that I wanted to change my site (GW1178) to my Amateur Radio Call Sign (KQ4KIO) to which they just sent a verification email that it would be going into effect on 9-28-2023. I changed the WD “CWOP/APRS Data Send” section to reflect that change in the “Station Id” field and ticked the “I am not using a CWOP Id” field as well. Is there anything else I am missing? I looked to see if my data had changed in their system via MADIS, APRS, etc and it looks like no data is going through. Thank you for any help or suggestions. Take care and thanks for taking the time to answer…-73

Did they say what time it would be going into effect today? Maybe changes are made during 9-5 working hours so won’t happen until later in the day?

Thank you very much for responding, Chris! They mentioned that the site would update every Wednesday so I’m wondering if something might not be transmitting correctly because their email was sent on the 26th (Tuesday). Here is a copy and paste from the email;
“This is a notice that your call sign has been updated within CWOP. Here is the information that we currently have for your site (KQ4KIO CLEARWATER FL 33763 US 18 28.00238 -82.74813 TALMADGE PIPKIN
If the latitude and longitude is incorrect, first update your weather software with the correct latitude and longitude. Please then email us and we can update our CWOP database with the correct latitude and longitude and any remaining site updates. Your site will update status every Wednesday during the weekly CWOP update. Please reply to this email if there are any questions or concerns. Thanks, CWOP-Support”
Thanks again, Chris!!-73

That email does suggest you should be live now because Wednesday is over everywhere in the world. Whilst I don’t currently use APRS/CWOP I think you’ve made the necessary changes in WD so it might be worth sending a reply to the email asking if they can see any issues.

73 de G6FCI

Thank you, Chris. I just emailed them as recommended. Doesn’t hurt, right? I will update here should I see any changes and thanks again! -73 KQ4KIO

Just to follow-up, I got everything squared away with CWOP/APRS and WD. Not sure what happened but all my data is populating now. Thanks again for the insight and take care!! -73 KQ4KIO

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