Aprs Com Port setting

This is the problem. To set up APRS I have to choose a com port. In order to upload the data from the station I need to use COM 1. Problem is Weather Display must be on Com 1 to receive data. How do I resolve this conflict so Weather Display and Aprs will both work. Thanks.

Move your weather station to com port 2.

Moving the station to COM 2 wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is that both the software and APRS have to be set to the same port as the station. Only 1 will work, not 2.

no, leave the settings on port 23 on the APRS Page.

I have a Vantage Pro Plus. The serial port is comm 1. However, the communication port on the APRS is com 23. just leave it there. It is a bit different than your serial port, what you are trying to do is use com 1 as a data port for the software, don’t do that .

just leave it port 23 on the aprs page. The only com port that you should be checking is the one between your computer and your station.

The only thing I could find is that I did not have the main internet switch on. After turning it on and checking the log file it said the APRS data was successfully sent. However when checking to see if the data made it, there was none. I know the account is active because I just checked it today before switching to weather Display.

go to view, ftplog, check the time of the log and then look at the full log. see if there was any error message when it was sent.

If this checks out, go back and be sure that your APRS ID is right. Correct case numbers etc.

Then go to aprs and check to see if it has come back. sometimes it takes a few minutes to register with them.

If you don’t see a ftplog file, then go to ftp internet setting, where the main internet switch is, there will be a small check box under connections about middle right side that says produce a log file, be sure that is checked.

then go back to aprs and send again a test send. you should see a the ftp upload symbol. double click on that and your ftpupload should show up and you can see the upload.

One last thing. You have your main internet switch on? on the APRS there is also a switch near the test button, that needs to be on too, then you set your times for upload and finally ok.

What is your call sign for APRS? I can take a look for it.

Once you get the program set up, things work very fine. And one thing when you exit the program , be sure to exit and save option or you have to reset the new things.

there might be some confusion here
the normal way to send to the aprs is by using the internet connection and not a direct to comport, which needs to go to a TINI or similar
so just set up the aprs for internet setup (under setup, weather wundrground, aprs, hamweather), with your CW call sign and correct lat/long


You guys aren’t going to beleive this. There was a period just after my call sign. THAT was the problem. I started to think that this was just to easy to set up, what could it be? Anyways it sending data now. I been bagging my head for a day and a half all over dang period. Aardvark, my APRS call sign is CW1118. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me out through this fiasco. Now I can actually start investigating all the features this program has to offer.

don’t feel bad , these things happen to us all. Enjoy the software :smiley: