Anyone getting unexpected crashes with 9.97e?

If so, I want to find a pattern…
was it when it would have done a web update?
what time did it occur at?

I’ve been getting crashes for the past 3 small updates. I can’t go more than 12 hours with the program open before it crashes, Will wait for the next one, and post the details. Using XP Pro.

Currently using 9.97e

Looks like it MAY be crashing when it goes to do the WebUpdate, latest crash time was 8:00:44PM Local time. I have it set to do it every 15 minutes. Here’s some info on what was produced by windows.

App Name: weatherd.exe
ModName: kernal32.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.0
Offset: 0000d756

I can’t copy the detailed information, but I hope this is enough for you. If you require more, let me know, and I’ll copy down next crash in a few hours.

Thanks for looking into this.

yes, thats a similar error to what my brother (!) reports.
He has found that unticking use weather display ftpupd.exe under the connections setup, so that the web files are still updated, but not uploaded to your web site, and its OK.
so that points to a conflict with the ini files and with the separate ftpupd.exe
thats where I am at the moment
(and maybe try an older version of the ftupd.exe)

still no probklems for me here…

Windy, thank you for the reply. It seems to crash as soon as ftpupd.exe kicks in to upload the files, so I did what you suggested and unchecked the option to use it.

I’ll experiment with an older version of ftpupd.exe if I can dig it up, in the morning. Hope you can narrow this down, but it sounds like your on top of it as usual.

Take Care.

I got my brother to use the ftpupd.exe version from 9.94
and its OK!
So I have recompiled the latest ftpupd.exe
and am uploading a new 9.97f now

it must have been a bad compile of the ftpupd.exe that has upset the apple cart, and I have been looking in all the wrong places!

I will be able to confirm my suspicions once my brother (who is on broadband and can download the program in 1 minute) gets to be able to try the latest ftpupd.exe version


If so, I want to find a pattern.... was it when it would have done a web update? what time did it occur at? thanks
No crash for me........

yeah, its ok for me too…
but a few people have trouble, when they didnt before,…
started around 9.97d
my latest idea does not look like it was the answer, so I am still scratching my head…

I Updated to 9.97f and it still crashes, Grrrr.

did it crash with the use weather display ftpupd.exe ticked or unticked under the connections setup?

Downloaded 9.97f 18 hours ago and no crashes.

yes, its only about 7 people affected I know of
now, fluxted:
download and install the win95/nt verison
then backup the ftpupd.exe version from that, and use that ftpupd.exe with the latest 9.97f verison, as a test
that seems much better combination…and seems to be a clue

Yes Brian, I have crash during ftpupdate since I installed XP.

Hi Brian
Yes, mine also crashed at 11:59pm 11-28-03 trying to update internet. However, I have not had any more problems today (11-29-03).
is an older ftp version you could try as a test
ready in 10 minutes

ok, that latest idea was a wild goose chase

all the people affected seem to be using XP?

have you all just recently installed a recent microsoft security patch?

and for all affected, does it say kernal error then unable to write to the wdisplay.ini file?
(which must be a clue)

one thing i could do, because its an error with the wdisplay.ini file when the ftpupd.exe program runs, is not use the wdisplay.ini for the ftp program…there are only 3 setttings it checks for, and i will put them into the registry (wdisplayftp.ini) instead…
i will do that 2 nite

i have done this in a new ftpupd.exe version with a new weather display version 9.97h
uploading now
should be available in about 2 hours from now
fingers crossed!

ok, that latest idea was a wild goose chase

all the people affected seem to be using XP?

(which must be a clue)

Yes, maybe, but not all XP users are affected… I don’t know if it helps you… :wink:


It was not only XP, I’m usine windows 2000 Server and it crashed at 01:50 this morning (this is the first time in 3 years I have seen windows2000 do this) I’ve checked the windows event logs and nothing was recorded prior to the crash to indicate a problem.

I’ve upgraded to H now and it seems stable.