Any 1-Wire users have daily glitches in their data?,

I’m getting glitches in my 1-wire Wx data every day between 1200 and 1400 hours local.

Here’s what I have:
AAG wx station, Dallas rain gauge, AAG humidity and barometric pressure sensors, 1 additional temp sensor. All are at the top of a 60’ tower and connected to a CAT5E cable. The total cable run is about 90’. I have a 9097U adapter on the PC with the recommended RC filter circuit for long 1-Wire networks.

Here’s what I know:
I’ve monitored the AC power to my PC and it doesn’t change more than +/1 2 volts AC during the 1200-1400 hours time period.
I’ve also monitored the +5vdc and +/- 12vdc internal to the PC and there is minor variations on the order of 0.1 vdc.

I’d very much appreciate opinions, ideas, …

Sorry, there’s a typo. The AC voltage doesn’t change more than +/- 1 volt.

And, you can see the glitches I’m talking about at:

They are most pronounced in the barometric pressure plot.

just one thing that might not be relevant, but the barometer usualy drops with the heat of the day,…

What DC voltage do you have coming into the barometer unit?

It should be at least 13.5 volts DC or the regulator will have not work properly .

I’m not sure on the exact voltage ( look up the specifications on the voltage regulator ) it needs a minimum voltage


I’m not using any external power to the barometric sensor. According to AAG, their barometric pressure sensor doesn’t need any external power.
I understand some other baro sensors do require it, though.