Another well deserved pat on the back for Brian

Brian, I must say that the current release (B12) of WD is running super smooth for me. Actually the past couple of builds have ran just as well.
Is it is simply the best it has ever ran for me since I started about 1 year ago as a user.

Thank you once again sir for your support and dedication to your outstanding product. :smiley:

Its been pretty smooth forme too, but I can make anything crash on this slow boat of a PC - I am scared to edit Custom Screens now - it crashed twice on me but I’m sure it is just when I amover-extending this old brick/doorstop… :smiley: - trying to do too many thinghs at once - oops - AV is running a S&D right now - gotta stopit… :evil:

Aaahh, -all it wanted was for me to schedule a scan - HAHA! NO WAY!! I gotcha covered!!

Honestly though Brian, I think sharing those tasks out at the cycle time has been a good move. All my webcam uploads and WU wc are 2 and 3 mins after, also trying to avoid that congestion…

Oh for a dual processor laptop on XP… :wink: Nice and quiet, and enough grunt!! :smiley:

thanks guys
2 happy campers at least

Make that 3 :wink:

And 4 and I am sure 100’s more :slight_smile:

Keep up the Great Work Brian :smiley:


There alot more Brian :smiley: :wink:

I’m not a happy camper, but I am a happy loft dweller if that counts?

I'm not a happy camper, but I am a happy loft dweller if that counts?

Kudos to loft dwellers, too - especially those who run forum software and keep it going at all hours of the day and night. Seriously - my sincere thanks to Brian for what has to be the best weather program out there, and to Chris for his untiring efforts in keeping this forum running so smoothly!

Been running WD in its own home now for nearly 2 months and it has performed flawlessly. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Just wish I could could say the the same about the Virtual Machine softwear I’m using. #-o

Thanks Brian. :thumbright:

the MAC Mini has not turned up yet
Apple parcel tracking leaves alot to be desired
(often have problems with courier and Rural delivery)

Here is one happy WD-user too :smiley:

Thanks Brian!