another newbie with Ajax not updating

Sorry for this newbie problem, it was asked so many times in this forum but it is case by case as I can see - could you please have a look at the fresh new page with no auto-updating problem ? I am not sure where to change this behaviour, so many options :frowning:

Are you sure you have the file permissions on the server set correctly? When I try to view your testtags.php it wants to download it rather then view it. I think that means you have the permissions wrong.


644 - is that incorrect ?

Nope, thats correct. Hmm. It doesn’t look like it’s seeing a new testtags.php file. You don’t have a path set for testtags.php in the settings.php setup thats different then where the file actually uploads do you?


I have it like this:
$SITE[‘WXtags’] = ‘testtags.php’

Ok, that should be good too. Has it ever worked? Are you running the full Ajax dashboard package?

No, it’s a new config, I am just preparing it for “production” and having some problems with it - the main one is the auto-update.
Maybe I will start a new installation and start over again. I am using the WD-AJAX-PHP-World-ML with carterlake-icons. I suspect some issues with WeatherDisplay and update times, but as you can see in the it is running quite good (if I can say that).

Maybe Ken can figure out the issue then, it seems you have everything there then and it looks like it’s configured right from what you say. Sorry I couldn’t track it down for you.


I think you’ll always have issues with your free hosting website as the hoster insists on putting

at the end of every PHP page. This may make the thermometer on the dashboard not work correctly (as that PHP script returns a PNG image, not HTML text).

To make your AJAX work, you’ll need to change ajaxWDwx.js to point to the real location for your clientraw.txt, so change it from

var clientrawFile = '/clientraw.txt'; // location of clientraw.txt relative to this page on website


var clientrawFile = '/fiol/clientraw.txt'; // location of clientraw.txt relative to this page on website

Don’t forget to change Settings.php for the month names in Polish to make the dates in wxastronomy.php work correctly

$SITE['monthNames'] = array(  // for wxastronomy page .. replace with month names in your language "Stycze

Yes Ken, you are right, it’s the free hosting that makes changes to the scripts sometimes that annoying that for some reason my test page is gone now although I did not change anything in the content of the files.
I made the changes you suggested but blank page is what I get for a few hours now. I think the test is over - I have to move to a “real” server and make your scripts do their job. Thank you Scott for your suggestions. I will come back with a new page from a non-free hosting site.

Works like a charm in a non-free host !!!.
Thanx again for the suggestion Ken.