Another "Did I Do It Right?"

Is this set up right? I signed up last week and they are still not receiving?.


I could be wrong but I was under the impression all CWOP stations started with CW not DW…


they ran out of CW numbers some time ago, so now its DW

the problem though is the lat/long format is not entered correct
its needs to be in the format shown as the example
(i.e you have the decimal place in the wrong place)

What does DDMM.HH mean?

i think i should have it as DDMM.SS instead?

That’s what I would expect. Anyway, if he entered the degrees + decimal he’ll have to convert to deg/min/sec and not just move the dp - right?

Is this better?

Looks good to me.

Thanks for your help. I just checked it out and all seems well.***