Animated web cam

This is odd, but then alot here in Iowa is odd.

My animated web cam doesn’t update like it used to. I checked the settings, and nothing has changed, yet… I can upload the static image which is fine, but the update of the animated has stopped for me.

I see in the webfiles what should be uploads at each time interval, but the actual picture is the same one.

IF I delete them,then I still get files but each has the thundercloud. I can get around this by using the single image but curious if anyone else had this same problem.

I might dig out my old ISPY program tomorrow when I am home from school and see if this will update. ( in process of getting ready old WMII to take to school to show kids how a station works, Might also bring a copy of WD for a short time to show how a real station looks. QUACK)

I have been screaming about this problem since Feb 17th! Ever since that day I installed a new version of WD and the animated webcam image stopped working. I see everything looks OK in WD but no matter what I do, no animation…
Brian, a little help here please :frowning: