And the temperature graph on main screen

I forgot to add thisnin my previous post. Ill try to explain this the best I can bear with me. On the main screen the graph temperature, humidity, dewpoint and rainfall.

My problems are :

When the dewpoint line is reading very low on very dry days the dewpoint line goes well below the scale. Now the temperature graph reads pretty good but its high on the scale. When I raise/lift the lines the dewpoint line is now on the graph scale but now the temperature line is way off the scale (above). Brian, can we modify the temperature scale more ? Right now the scale is reading from 32 F - 85 F. For example the dewpoint line is say 15-20 degrees meaning its below and off the scale and the temperature reads 70 degrees and is on the graph scale. When I raise/lift the scale the dewpoint line comes intact with the scale and the temperature then goes off the scale. I hope you understand what Im trying to say here. :slight_smile: