on Mac version and Raspberry Pi/Linux versions

First a couple of general questions:

  1. Can multiple stations be displayed in Weather Display? I have more than one station.
  2. I would also like to use it on a Raspberry Pi 3 b+, but in the setup I see no way to enter anything for Can be accessed from the Raspberry Pi or Linux versions?
  3. I have the Mac version (10.37 build 307), which I am having some difficulty in connecting to I followed the video instructions, however the Mac version station setup page looks nothing like that in the video, which I assume is for the PC/Windows version. I am fairly sure I do have the api key in the correct place (even though that place has no label on it), and have even put in the mac address. The readings obtained have no relation to the station readings. The window for shows only “{“error”:“above-app-rate-limit”}”. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help.