Ajax icon dont reflect WD icon


I am using Ken True’s ajax but the current weather icon never seems to reflect what
WD says, the icon is main sunny, any advice please?

I think the is the current conditions icon code

<span class="ajax" id="ajaxconditionicon"><img src="./ajax-images/spacer.gif" height="39" width="40" alt=" " />

a minute ago it it was partly cloudy (solar sensor said so lol) WD icon was partly cloudy
but the website said sunny, even when i been testing the rain sensor, wd says raining
website says sunning lol


Next time check your clientraw.txt to see if it’s the ajax, or WD and possibly some settings you have there. The ajax is totally dependant on what shows up in clientraw.

  • Jim

Ok Jim will do thanks :slight_smile:

On a similar note i have noticed the data in the box (see image please)
is not what the current conditions are at present, for e.g.
wet bulb is showing 0.5 when its actually 1.3
cloud height is showing 230ft when its actually 753ft and so on…

Can anyone advise please, i wont be able to reply for a few hours due to work…



229 meters is 751 feet so you have a conversion problem in your pages!! Guess that may also go for the other readings!!

Yes and work keeps getting in the way of all the fun…lol


Hi Steve

Bit puzzling this is, my code is this

<span class="ajax" id="ajaxcloudheight">%cloudheightmeters%</span>

When i 1st go on the page the cloud height says 1450m then the ajax cuts in and it changes to 1450ft lol


In your ajaxWDwx change:

var uomHeight = ' ft'


var uomHeight = ' m'

At least I think ‘m’ is for meters!


Thanks a lot Jack, that sorted it :slight_smile:

I now know why the icon does not always match up with what WD

If i tun off the solar (to set icon) it then reverts to the METAR to set the icon and this
is whats happening, I just turned off the solar to set icon to see if i can get the rain icon
to show (it didnt lol nother story) and the Icon on the site changed to partly cloudy.

Another 1 solved, thanks Bashy :smiley: and thats guys for your help, appreciated :slight_smile: