AJAX Dashboard Question.

What could I do to swap the positions of the ‘OUTLOOK’ and ‘FIRE RISK’ portions of the dashboard?

I don’t want to mess it up. :?


I managed to switch the title tags, but I cannot get the data fields correctly switched. Any Ideas?



Hi James,

Look for the datahead titles similar to these below in the ajax-dashboard.php, change the title name.

Summary / Temperature Wind Rain/Melted Snow Outlook

I got the data moved to the right position, but the page won’t validate and I am not sure what to fix.



Jim, check out the attached file, fix the errors and then I’ll run another check for you.


p.s. - Grab a copy of the program I use to check my pages offline: Test Version | Total Validator it comes in real handy when re-writing code. #-o :wink:

validator.zip (24.6 KB)