Airmar 150WXRS - nmea, spikes, rain challenges

I am new to Airmar, NMEA and WD in general, and are seeking some help from the community. First I would like to thank Brian for making this software. There is so many features and so many ways that leads to the same thing that I find it easy to get lost in all the features.

I have a Airmar 150WXRS one of their new models with haptic rain sensor and are facing some challenges. I have managed to get the WD to receive data from the WS but are facing the following problems:


  1. Spikes
  • I have tried to adjust limits to adjust for spikes but I still get bad data.
  1. Rain.
  • I have not go this to work yet. I have tried several times to put in a number from last day to get it going. This is how I have understood other people have got it going.
  • Does the software output reset rain in NMEA? eg:

Here is an example of the NMEA output in WD:

Welcome to the forum.

I have no experience of the Airmar stations so can’t help directly. There have been a few people using the stations over the years and a few posts relating to them. If you’ve not already done so it would be worth using Search to see if anyone else has had this problem and reported a fix - Search results for 'airmar' - Weather-Watch Forum

However, as you have a relatively new station it’s possible that something has changed in the latest models which requires a change to WD. It would be worth contacting Brian directly by email in this case because he rarely visits the forum these days.

Thanks for the info Chris. I have already been searching through the post without any luck.
I think I will wait a few days to see if there is anyone from the community that has any suggestions before sending Brian questions for personal support.

Have a nice weekend :slight_smile: