After new compiler (10.37 b44) system much slower

I tried serveral updates of the new compiler,

10.37p b97, 10.37q b 0,1,2,20,28,35,38

But my system is much slower, switching between fe. Internet exploren and WD takes long time.

With previous versions, the old compiler i have never seen this.

Btw i use a 2,6 ghz Athlon with 2MB memory, must be enough and WD is the only running program.

For my weather station i use 5 different servers… There can only be one captain on a ship is my opinion.



people have generally reported the opposite

what windows version?

I use windows XP professional, SP3 with all the updates.

Also using WDWebcamcapture 7.3 Other versions are not working well with my logitec pro 4000


no problems here with the latest wdwebcamcapture.exe and a logitech 9000

and WD runs nice on my 1.4 ghz Atom Netbook and windows 7
no problems


I still can’t figure it out. This PC has WD on it since 2005, only the new compiler versions work much slower.

I have also tested the new compiler against old compiler version on this atom netbook, and not alot of differences in performance

it could be though a driver issue (e.g even the GDIplus.dll file)

Which driver do you mean? The one you mentioned?