Aerisweather acquired by Vaisala and rebranded as Xweather

I received an announcement from 29-Mar-2024 saying > AerisWeather is now Vaisala Xweather

We’d previously announced our ongoing transition into the Vaisala Xweather brand. This email serves to inform you that the transition is now complete, and the next time you access you will be redirected to

We hope you’ll share in our excitement about this transition and we look forward to continuing to bring you the best in weather data and mapping under the Vaisala Xweather name.

Thanks for being a member of our community!

My AW-forecast.php script (standalone and part of the Base-World Saratoga template set) uses the Aerisweather API endpoint and it is still working, but I don’t know for how long they’ll redirect the API requests to their new endpoint. My original key still works, so no panic yet.

I’ll be reviewing the code to use their new endpoint with existing keys and I’ve changed the script page to reflect the new signup for API key URL.

More as it is discovered…


Xweather sounds like another Elon Musk venture. . .

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I’m not convinced it’s a good name. Ex-weather sounds like what’s gone, not a forecast.

I just participated in a webinar with the Vaisala Xweather developers and asked the following questions:

  1. will free/limited use API keys continue to be available to data submitters to
    Answer: yes… old keys for will work with and new keys
    are available for signups at

  2. will queries to existing continue to work?
    Answer: Yes, there are no plans to discontinue that long existing URL. Apps using that URL should
    change to as they update, but no urgency.

  3. several APIs (VisualCrossing, OpenWeatherMap, WU/TWC) provide lang={iso-lang] capability on forecast text for multilingual support. Are you planning on that?
    Answer: Yes, it should be available in a few months. The alerts queries (for Canada) already support lang=(en|fr) since the EC provides alerts in English and French.

  4. are you worried that Xweather might have legal issues brought by Elon Musk’s ‘X’?
    Answer: No. We had Xweather before they’d rebranded Twitter to X (chuckles)

I’ve been working on a XW-forecast.php script (which is ready), but given the coming multilingual capability of the API and the continuation of the end-point, I’m in no hurry to force an update to all the AW-forecast.php script set (and Base-World users) just now.

More news as I hear more…


Thanks ktrue. I apprecaite your work and attention to this.