Aeris weather changing names

I got a notice today that Aeris Weather is now Xweather. It says the site will be redirected to I guess this means everything will continue to work until they cancel the name. So, at some point the name in the PWS code will have to be updated to It looks like logins and api terms and conditions all remain the same.


Edit: The api documentation still shows the name for authentication. Its all a little vague about the forthcoming changes.

2024-03-30 Working on it

Service domain updates:
As of April 1, 2024, our API domain has changed to .
However, the previous domain will continue to be supported.

There are 3 data-sets loaded from Aeris/Xweather. Current conditions, 1 hour forecast and Day/night forecast.

The data returned from the “old URL” is identical for all 3 data-sets as with the “new URL”

There seems some minor additions in API features, but i did not check that for a long time. For now we need not to hurry.

If you want to access the new URL change in PWS_load_files.php version 01|2023-10-31| line 254 from
$url_a = '';
$url_a = ''; # 2024-03-30

Post problems or new ideas here :smiley:

AFAICS: No change in the free API facilities for PWS_Weather “uploaders”.
Probably the URL will change, have to look into that later.


I think they have also had a clear out as my old email and password failed as does forgotten password to reset. Strange how I got the email last night about the changes in that case.

I didn’t get one. . . maybe they’re doing it alphabetically (I’m a W) :slightly_smiling_face:

But I did get one from PurpleAir telling me they’ve added a parameter to the API. . . :roll_eyes:

I managed to get in with the old e-mail/password: I selected product account Weather API first.

Note the bit about PWS Contributors Package and “legacy daily allowances”. . . might be a change coming here.