Aercus Instruments WeatherMaster HP2550

Hi, does anyone know if this works with WD? On this site. So wondering if anyone has used one and how to set it up.

This is a FOSHK station rebadged as Aercus and sold with a lot of other names.
Most topics in this forum refer to it as an Ecowitt 25550.

Using a weather-program such as WD:
Yes WD can fetch the data but not directly from the console.

Either add a GW1000 device which can be directly read by WD
Or let WD retrieve the data from the website but that info is in 5 minute intervals.

More info:
All information about these weather-sations can be found here


Wow, thanks for that link, a lot of info there, might get the GW1000, but does it connect directly to the sensors or the base station?
Thanks, Dion.

Yes, you can use multiple consoles with an ecowitt station. The all receice the data sent from all weather-devices.
Your outside and inside sensors transmit weather-measurements conrtinuasly.
All consoles receive the same data.

The GW1000/GW1100 and the GW2000 are complete consoles buth without the glass-panel.
So all is done with a tablet or a phone.
Much easier as with the small buttons on a HP2550

You can use the GW1000 type devices to do all the uploads and the 2550 console to look at the current weather dials.


Ah good plan, thanks, I have ordered one on Amazon for £25 making sure it is the same frequency as the clone. I assume the ones on Aliexpress are clones as well, the MISOL SmartHub WiFi ones, but they are at 433Mhz and not 868Mhz.