Advisory Information Unavailable

I upgraded to the latest WD Carterlake AJAX scripts and now get an error in my advisories. I read all the updates for the new NOAA reporting and have setup my atom-advisory for my zone and created the atom-advisory-zone.txt and that appears to be working properly as NOAA information is in the new file. If you use my atom-advisory.php you will see I get a return of “Advisory Information Unavailable, error fetching or reading data from the NOAA advisories server.” Here is the link to my atom-advisory file.


you sure you got your zone code right in the script? cause when You click on the link on the page you posted, its saying a CA zone “CAZ513”

I had copied over all the advisory files again and started from scratch to see if I missed something. I’m now back to the same place I was an hour ago. :slight_smile:

Do you have a file named ‘rss-advisory-WAZ510.txt’ uploaded to your
website in the document root directory same directory as the wxadvisory.php page?

From looking at your source it looks a little odd. that it seems likeit isnt even looking for the cached file.

Yes and No, the information from NOAA is making it to atom-advisory-WAZ510.txt but no new information has been cached in the rss-advisory file since I upgraded yesterday. Also reading the notes it says I can delete that file and just use the new 2.0 feed now. I deleted and created a new atom-advisory-WAZ510.txt and it filled with NOAA advisory information just like it should, you can see it here.

for your atom-advisory-WAZ510.txt file, what do you have the permissions set to?

I may try updating the wxadvisory.php page with a fresh copy.
Something doesnt seem right there looking at your source

Advisory Information Unavailable, error fetching or reading data from the NOAA advisories server.

If there was an error with fetching the feed, I believe you’d see this:

666 RW-RW-RW for both atom and rss advisory-WAZ510.txt. I did set back up the RSS-Advisory and now have information from NOAA in both the ATOM and the RSS cached files.

I uploaded a new copy again, this file was never modified by me. Just the upgrade from “USA Template .ZIP 22 Sep 2009 12:18pm PDT (22 Sep 2009 19:18 GMT)”

The new atom-advisory.php and atom-top-warning.php use a cache file named


which in your case, would be atom-advisory-WAZ510.txt

They don’t use the old rss-advisory-WAZ510.txt file.

Your site is currently returning a 403 Forbidden for all files on your site … I’d check your .htaccess and correct to allow accesses.

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That may have been me at the time. I have reset the directory to 755 do you still see 403 forbidden?

Nope… it’s working fine again.

And now the script is reporting

so the cache is writable and the script is correctly reporting
There are no active watches, warnings or advisories for zone WAZ510.

And… I’ve added your site to the list of WD/AJAX/PHP template sites :slight_smile:


Thank you, so what I did was copy over the atom-advisory.php and atom-top-warning.php and did not change any settings in them and it works. If go in and set the Zone and CacheName it will do the same thing again. This makes no since to me at all.


You don’t need to make any changes to atom-advisory.php or atom-top-warning.php (especially not the $cacheName) … the settings are picked up from your Settings.php so the scripts just plop into the template for usage.

The cache name (in $cacheName) should never be changed manually… it’ automatically changes the ‘atom-advisory.txt’ in that field to ‘atom-advisory-ssZnnn.txt’ for the selected zone. If you changed it, then when the script runs, it will try to write to ‘atom-advisory-WAZ510-WAZ510.txt’ (which probably fails).

Thank you all for the nice replies on this. I did get it to work again as you can see from my reply to Ken.