Advisories Page title over lapping words

Dont know if something is wrong with my site or the NWS site,if you could look and tell me what you all think. why the title lines of word are overlapping.

I tested with Firefox 3.5.3 and IE8 and did not see the problem.

what web browser and version are you using?
Can you post a screen shot?


in the screenshot attached below…the top image is viewing your page using IE8, and the bottom Image is viewing your page using Firefox 3.5.

The title text does look a bit different and the cleaner one is the one when viewing your page using firefox. My site is the same way when viewing my Advisories page. I think it is just the way IE 8 presents the text.

I wouldnt loose sleep over it, as both are readable, just that with Firefox it looks better.

If you dont have firefox 3.5 installed on your PC, you can get it here:

Firefox is a better browser overall to use than IE8.


Yes I did check I have both IE8 and firefox 3.5.3 and It looks fine in Firefox but the twolines are overkapping on IE8 just like you said no biggie thank you.

It looks fine in my IE8 on my screen.

It could be that his IE8 character size setting is “Larger” rather than “Normal” … that inflates all the font sizes (where font sizes are unspecified/defaulted for a particular HTML tag.

I think Ken figured it out. :smiley: