advice please


I have a site using my Nexstorm data and passing it off as there own
How can I stop this?

Depends how it’s being used, can you post a link?

if you look at the rest of his site it is made to look as if he has all the equipment
Whilst i’m happy for anyone to link to the data it cost me

I’d recommend sending them a note via
and ask that they cease poaching your data. If that fails, a simple .htaccess block may suffice :slight_smile:

thanks I have made contact as yet no response
Can you tell me about .htaccess block and how to go about it


These posts should help:


How about changing the extension of the file to .php and adding this as the first line of the file:

<?php header("x-frame-options: DENY"); ?>

A quick and dirty demo is here: It tries to show my index page in an iFrame

It works in IE 8 or later . I have also checked it with Opera, Chrome, FF and Safari

If you do not wish to rename the orginal html file, then you could add this to the htaccess file
in the sub-directory that your target file resides

RewriteBase    /name_of_your_sub-directory
RewriteRule    file_name.html  file_name.php

many thanks carseman will give your suggestions a try

Whichever method you used - it has worked :smiley:
The offending site is showing A “URL Not Found”. The source of the page still shows an iFrame with a reference to your page.

I would however check the page every so often to make sure that they have not found a way round it.


For hotlink protection, it is normally better to replace the content with something they don’t want rather than simply denying it. That way, their visitors know what type of site they are rather than thinking they just have a server problem.

You can even individualize it by identifying which site is using the data and make it more personal if you want.

An outright deny is a last choice when they are not paying attention and you just want the bandwidth stealing to end.

Yeah, change your page name and create a replacement using the original name that he will get when he links to you. Have it say “I have been stealing my lightning data from another web site, but I got caught and now all I get is this notice.” You can add even more insulting language, if desired.

You have PM x2


Thanks for the idea

[i]I see your note about stealing data on his website, but when I try to look at your Live
Lightening data on your website, I get a “404 Page not found”. I think something is now
broken on your site.



Never mind, I see that your page is up now. Maybe I just happened to hit when you were
working on it.


I just saw this on the offending website:

`“I have been stealing my lightning data from another web site, but I got caught and now all I get is this notice.”

` :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Good one.


lol…Thats awesome.

8O How did you find out they were stealing your data?? Is this common? 8O

You need to keep an eye on your website logs, that will show where your visitors are referred from. Maybe not common, but not unknown either, there have been a number of similar threads on here over the years.

I don’t know how he found out, but if you run a website, you really should be glancing at your server logs from time to time.

First you learn what they look like.
Second you learn what people are trying on your website.

Some people try to exploit your site, and if you never look at the logs… you will never know until perhaps it is too late.

You should also be making sure YOU make a backup of your site and data on a regular basis.

Think for a moment, you log into your site right this minute… and there is nothing there. Do you have your code? your scripts? Data? Are you going to hope that the provider did a backup recently, that contains all of your data…

#-o Well I must admit I have never looked at my logs I run my own server I guess maybe I better figure out how to do that!!
I do a backup once a day of all files and directories though! :frowning: