Adding Sunshine Hours to Reports

I’m using the Saratoga php scripts for my site together with a modified set of Monthly reports.

Would it be possible to add Sunshine Hours to the reports?

I’ve had a read through some of the posts and I know the data is there but not sure how to implement it!

In addition if someone could advise how I can add a weekly report as well that would be even better.

there are climatedata template files with the sunshine hours custom tags in them, included in the full install download

Thanks for the reply Brian,

I know the data is there, but not how to amend the php page to allow it to show on the monthly reports. I’m after a script amendment to get it to show if possible?

I should have said I would like it to appear in the ‘Sun Records’ section if possible…

there are custom tags for sunshine hours
so add those to the section of the PHP template to get that data to show in the sun records section of your web page