Adding a page to the menu

I have added wxgraphs page to the menu. When I try to open the page the page opens but I get the “loading” icon and it never goes away.
Screenshot 2024-06-03 133244

IIRC you need to define a background colour: my .html file for Weather Graphs has

<body style = "background-color: #ffffff; text-align: center;"> 
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Tried it, no change.

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I thought it just worked, mine doesnt have a background colour

I found the issue. My wxgraphs page had “<center>” in it. I removed that and used bitsostring’s idea and it works as it should.

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Yeah, the <center> tag went out with HTML4. . .

I now have the same problem with worldextremes scripts.

This one?

There is also a worldextremes_single_units.php version.

that is the version I have

Both at the same place: weatherextremes.php FIX

Yes, this is what I have.
It works perfectly when opened via direct URL, but when it opens as a frame in the template, I get that animated “working” icon at the top

I think this is where I first saw a reference to background colour: Adding Extra Links in Menu [Informational ] - #11 by pwsdashboard

I don’t see your wxgraphs in your PWS Dashboard? If they’re in an iframe you’ll need a background colour.

N.E. Calgary, AB Weather Graphs (

Yeah, I see them. I was replying to @swright1957 :wink:

ooops, sorry.
I guess I should have payed closer attention

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Hi bos and blainec
Mine are there just not in a menu link yet.
When.i come back from a few days away im going to menu it.

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