"Actual Weather" not very "Actual"

Although the latest version of WD includes some very nice looking weather icons, mine is now failing to change at all. It started with the latest version downloaded and installed. It has been sunny with high-level clouds since. This is not anywhere close to what weather we are having(especially at night). It used to change with the Metars but now, even with it checked, its still is stuck.

Lane, I think you and I are both running the 2310 , I have been having trouble with the metar icons for quite some time, I finally unchecked all the boxes in the summary icon setup for downloaded metar and just post my actual conditions…before that mine would show one icon on the summary image and a different one on the main page…and if you mouse clicked on the main page icon (to view the metar readout) it would change the icon on the summary image…weird stuff
:slight_smile: Jon

Not sure, but this could be related to an earlier post of mine concerning the “Input Daily Weather” page not working in Ver9.46b

Any thoughts Brian?

Keith Armbruster

should be OK in 9.47