A queston by a "Newbie?"

When I do a status check of the sensors, I get “Indoor Sensor” has an “Error”. It is a LaCrosse 2010 wireless. Get “error reports” on other sensors but they usually go away? Have replaced the batteries, mounted it in a different area. Is this a bad sensor, still seems to be updating WD, what does this error message mean? Thanks

the indoor sensor is the one in the console, i.e the barometer and indoor temperature/humidity…
maybe try moving the ws2010 data logger as far away from the PC as you can.
The error just means there has been some missed data packts…
I actualy have been meaning to add the % of error////


Brian is correct on this one. I bought a 15’ serial cable extension and mounted the sensor away and above the level of my computer and electronics (including a wireless lan).

There are many threads about this, try searching the group for ‘LaCrosse’ and/or ‘flat lining’.

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Have to grin, today I checked the status of the sensors, all were “OK”, nothing was done to move etc.? Wi-Fi has been on all day? A Grin? Years back I flew helicopters, would write up maintenance problems, mechanics could not duplicate some/most? Guess I fixed a lot of problems with write ups? Maybe this one? But will keep the advice in mind… Thanks Friends wink