A "little problem" with the Summary.gif

Hi there

I’m “playing” a little bit with Weather Display in the last days - also - I “try” my first steps to make a homepage. Oh well - I do not even know much about html and homepages and so on - therefore - since today - somehow my homepage works - ok ok - I know I only use the “standard” options and everything and I let Weather-Display built my homepage - but for the first steps - I think it is ok. :wink:

So - but now to my question… I hope someone can help me:

Since yesterday - I do not know what I have changed or made and why it is like that now - the Summary.gif is way too big. What have I to do to make it “normal” again? Which settings have I have to change?

Look here to see what I mean

Thanks in advance if there is somebody with a answer. :smiley:

Of course - there are lots of other things I really haven’t understand yet - especially some options in the control planel and some settings - what do they make - or why do they not work - what has changed when I activate this and that - and so on. But ok - I will ask that someday - when I really do not know why some things happens…

Therefore - I wish you all the best, a nice day and weekend - and please - excuse my english - I know my english is not the best and I make lots of mistakes - sorry!

With best wishes from Germany…

PS: Before I forget it - maybe somebody has also seen this - each time when I go in the control planel to have a look for the clientviewer (for Weather-Display Live - look or change the settings) and hit “ok” to close the control planel again - another clientviwerftp uploader was opened… mysterious I have to say - because I only need one to upload the clientraw.txt to my server - right? :wink:

And by the way - hmm I do not know why - but somehow the clientviwerftp uploader do not start “automatically” for me when I start Weather-Display - I have to go one time to the settings - and then it works - also mysterious I have to say - but maybe I have made something wrong - somehow - also possible…

at some time you may have maximized your screen. minimize or set the view of your icon to the smaller size. In other words double click on the forecast image on the screen on WD. Then next to the red X on the image, click the blue square to the left of it on the image and that should bring it back to normal size. THEn the red X to close the screen image of the summary ( not the x for WD) and it should reset it self.

I just clicked the link to have a look and the summary image looks normal so I guess the problem has been fixed?


try unticking, use large size, in the summary image and icon setup
and then restart wd
(you might have already done that) :wink:


Thank you aardvark!

Looks like I have somehow opened the summary picture from the main-window and have maximized it - now I know what happens…

Also Thx Brian for the advice!

a program restart will (should) fix things like that :wink: