A few small errors?


I think theres a few small errors that may need to be corrected here because I noticed a few small things in W.D. and they are this -

Flaw 1 - When I need to close W.D for any reason it might be I go under the Exit menu and choose “save and exit” and exits it out. When i restart W.D i notice that my sunrise/moonrise/moonset/sunset times are wrong. And I have to keep going under view menu to select “update” for the sunrise/moonrise…etc. It saves the latitude and longitude I plugged in from a long time ago though and I hit “OK” then its fine until I close W.D and do it all over again.

Flaw 2 - When i exit W.D i chose save and exit and i restart and notice the daily windrun resets to 0.0 mile even though it said 150 miles.

Can these be corrected ? :slight_smile:

humm, any errors under view, program error log wehn you start up wd?

No errors under the error log and when I start the program its all good.