9.49a/Ftp 6.39

I downloaded the latest version last night …after you fixed the site, and fired it up. Everything seems to work fine except the ftp didn’t disconnect and left me connected half the night :x . It downloaded on schedule but just didn’t shut down when it was through. Same problem I have had with the earlier ftps’ except for 11.25 which for me is just as fast, and starts and stops like clockwork. The only ftp error I have had for days was a problem with the APRS server(which I noticed in one of the other posts someone else was having trouble with)that occurs at around three or four every other day or so but has no negative effect to the smooth running of the rest of the program. I went back to 11.25 this morning …I’ll take the tortoise over the hare anyday. Dial-up and 11.25 seem to be the most compatible and reliable combination for me.
:slight_smile: Jon