9.49a dial up problems

Earlier I had changed over to the ftp 11.25 which seemed to be working fine …but then it suddenly gave me a BSD (blue screen of death) I converted back to an earlier edition, but it didn’t help. Any attempt at dialups with WD on results in another BSD. I am downloading the latest version of 9.49b but am afraid a bug is wandering around in dial up, at least for the WS-2310

the 6.39 ftp vers in the latest wd vers is going great for me with my dial up

but otherwise i wonder why you are geting this error?

is the aprs upload?

also, do you experience any crashes of wd with yoru ws2310 jon?
Bob Segal does…alot…:frowning:
we are struggling to find out what is causing it…

Brian, with the 9.47e and the 11.25ftp I went several days without any problems except the occasional aprs server error around mid afternoon my time. I had talked myself out of upgrading to 9.48 but like the middle-aged child :slight_smile: my curiousity took over and I upgraded to 9.48 then I started having serious crashes one after the other, once I had to reboot and keep WD offline while I accessed my ISP to get online and download the latest 9.49 version…so far I have been running it several hours now and no crashes, no bsds and I am using the 6.39ftp. Hopefully I will still have good news in the morning. I checked my program error log, and nothing and also the same on the ftp log. I know that several crashes were caused by incoming calls interrupting my dialup and the dialup activating while the line was in use (to bad I live in a little town DSL would be so great sometimes!)

I woke up to a hangup on the ftp this morning…best I can tell it happened when my 6:30 weather report went out. I am not sure but what it may be an ISP problem and not the software, I am going to arrange the times a little different and see if that helps

i will try again soon to get the dial up/disconnect method from the old ftp program to work with the new ftp program, as it is much better
but first attempts failed miserably!

Thanks Brian… let me know how it goes, ftp disconnect still seems to be my worst problem. I had a hang this afternoon, not sure why but it hung while downloading the high/low baro gif file…its so elusive(the bug) I turned off that file for now we’ll see what developes.


I checked for a updated componnent I had used in the old ftp program for handling the dial up with the modem (and disconnect), and a new version has been released, AND
it works great in the new FTP program!!!

and in the mean time i fixed the APRS crash error if the server is down (it was not rotating correct)
AND i fixed the time sync routine

this is good, whoopy!!

so the new ftp is vers 6.40, and is with vers 9.50b of WD, uploading now :grab: