8.27 APRS Lite version upload problems

Hello all! The rain is falling and the software is giving me hell. Maybe a server is down or something however, I’ve probly messed up my APRS upload. It works fine with Free Weather however. This is what I get from my ftp log…

FTPUPD.EXE started at 16:25:02 10/18/04
agenda items to do…
do aprs data send
list of files uploaded*

FTPUPD.EXE finished at 16:26:06 10/18/04
Time taken = 0.93 minutes
Total bytes uploaded = 0 K

This is the full log…

list of files uploaded*

actual messages from upload session*
Permanent connection selected
Permanent connection, will do ftp now
Checking for what else to do…
there are 1 more things to do
Aprs data sending now…
APRS Connecting to:
Aprs connected
sending pass command
user KB9VHM pass -1 vers wx-display 8.27b APRS lite
Error connecting to aprs server
Trying next server
APRS Connecting to:
APRS timer time out…
Finshed email agenda
Finished email agenda, no ftp items to do…
Doing abort procedure/program close…

In my FTP Setup page for internet connection I have the following settings…

internet connections
mini-dialer with some 10 digit password
I use Compuserve 2000 dial-up since I’m in the sticks of DSL and Cable. So I can only send data while I’m using Compuserve. I don’t know what mini-dialer is but I deleted it from the Internet Settings with IE.

Continueing I have checked permenent internet connection which I needed to activate before it ever sent data. It would not upload without this before.

Start with FTP program visible for detecting errors is not selected
2 Redial attemps are selected
Cancel on reestablish connection is selected
Minimize connection box (win 95) is selected
0 is my FTP port. I try to change this number and it will not allow me to do so. It always returns to 0 when I reopen this page
Time out in minutes for slow connection is set to 10
Use other ISP’s on the list if busy is not selected
Start minimized (but not in system tray) is not selected
Produce a log file is selected
Stay connected even if new connection is reestablished is not selected
Always disconnect when finished is selected
30 seconds for ftp timeout
Limit the number of failed ftp program events is not selected
Those are the only options I have. I know the newer versions have them, but aprs lite 8.27 does not.
Continuing on to APRS set up page
I upload every 5 minutes
The switch is green and on
My ham callsign KB9VHM is entered with my correct coordinates

Any help greatly appreciated!

Da Funky Drummer

one of the aprs servers is down
and the free to use lite version is not rotating to the correct aprs server (as they keep changing them anyway)
in the full version of wd you can set the aprs serverr to rotate to
i could update the aprs lite version…but i am so busy supporting the full version, i just dont have time at the moment