5 day not uploading to web


I have the code pasted in my web page, but the 5 day is not uploading. It doesn’t show up in my site files.


that function isn’t available yet.

BUT, if you go to Setup, then to setup FTP… then click on General FTP functions, you can set it to upload to your web site. To get it on your web page, you need to go into your data0 or data3.htm and add it there.

When it is perfected, Brian will have it upload . :o

i am downloading a Ohio forecast, myself, and have the 5 day enabled, to test this
it should upload it auto…

Everything looks A-OK on the 5 day Brian.
I’m ready for auto upload to web! Everybody else think so?


I’m still getting a little cut off the end of the gif that is uploaded. I’m set at 800x600 and when I view the forecast in WD it is all there, but the uploaded has about a third cut off the end. The auto upload is working fine.

OOPS :oops: ! Thats a third cut off the last day.