3 instances of wd, how to proceed?

I recently purchased an Ecowitt WittBoy and I like to add this to WeatherDisplay.
I have 2 instances of WD at the moment.
Primary for VantageVue
Second for WeatherFlow Sky/Air
Third WittBoy
In the folder for my WeatherFlow (wdisplaywf) the file 2wd.txt has been added.
In my WittBoy folder wdisplaywb I will be adding the file 3wd.txt.

This should work, I presume.
My question is this.
I haven’t running the second instance at the moment because WeatherFlow is not working ok with WD.
But I don’t want to delete that folder and it’s files.
So my primary instance will be running and the (third) WD instance for the WittBoy.

Will this be giving a problem.
What do the files wd2.txt and wd3.txt tell WeatherDisplay?

Ooohhhh, I always forget.
What is the order of starting and closing these instances?


When you find out, please let me know :grinning:

On my desktop I run client WD with clientraw data from the weather computer, but I also have a second full instance of WD that used to work fine (with Netatmo). Now I have changed it to experiment with Ecowitt it doesn’t seem to work any more :confused:

It’s not a priority for me, yet, but I will be interested to see any replies.

I don’t think there is any particular order, but there is a setting in Setup > Advanced/Misc Settings > Program: “Do not shut down other running instances when exiting”.

Should create numbered instances for files that contain data to be saved ie ini and ftp and logs.

As Dan says, files like wdisplay.ini and the registry keys are numbered: my second instance has wdisplay2.ini and keys labelled wdisplayftp2.ini.

Not sure about logs, because they should just be saved in the separate wdisplay folders for each instance?

I’ll have to do a bit more digging to find out why mine is not working :slightly_frowning_face:

I now have a second instance of WD running with a GW1102 station, not a Wittboy, but I am using a GW2000 gateway because the GW1100 was useless. So I don’t think you should have a problem.

(I had to ask Brian why my 2WD wasn’t working, and the answer was because I had not set up the anemometer. . . who knew that would affect it?)

I had read that in the other thread.
Mine is running ok since April 1st.
Except that WD uses my WH40 rainsensor instead of the WittBoy rainsensor.
In the Ecowitt app I have selected the Wittboy (Piezoelectric rain gauge) as Rainfall data priority.
I am using API Key and Application Key and MAC adress in WD.
I created the Keys again in case I maybe would have created them when set to WH40.If that matters.
I also find that my wind gauges in WD do not update frequently, I have read that the Wittboy uploads every 8.5 seconds.
It certainly takes longer for them to update.

Is it better to use the IP-number in WD settings or the APi’s?

I think it is best to use the IP in WD for getting data. I selected “Wittboy/GW2000 in use (uses HTTP)” in crongw1000, but you don’t have to: I think WD uses the internal API in the gateway if you don’t.

You can use the Ecowitt API for History data recovery only:

If you tick Enabled at the top you use the Ecowitt API for all data, not the gateway.

I have only entered an API key, do I need an Application API key as well? I didn’t get any history data when I started WD this morning. . .

Apparently I do need both keys, see chapter 14 at MUST READ - Ecowitt/Fine Offset + clones WIKI,sensor compatibility,firmware...

EDIT: History data OK today :grinning: