2012_lts dashboard becomes “free-ware” as from November 1, 2023

The last few updates will be online at October 31.

I personally will continue to answer questions for pwsWD dashboard, same as I still do for the Leuven-template users and the Leuven-forecast scripts .

Anybody can alter and update the current pwsWD 2012_lts version and redistribute that version under ones own name.
But it is not possible to ask money for any pwsWD version, as the licences of some integral scripts prohibit that.

I trust that new authors will support their adapted version here on this “forum” also.

If you have any question about my version of PWS_Dashboard 2012_lts:

As of today I will not answer questions without a link to your pwsWD website.
Those links are needed to check the problem or to inspect scripts (can be adapted ones !) or text files.
Having to scan old user-posts one by one if a website-link is included is a waste of time.

Best regards,

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Latest PWS_Dashboard_2012_lts version 2023-10-31 and all documentation can be found at https://pwsdashboard.com/
Upcoming updates will be listed one-by-one at a new sub-page on the same website.

99% of the users can skip the following help-info:
Problem also described here: https://pwsdashboard.com/documentation2012/03_updates04.pdf

Problems with PWS_updates.php can occur if your webserver does not allow to download a .arr file.
Solution 1:
Use your browser to download the file with the latest versions:

Now you should upload that .arr file to your . . ./pwsWD/jsondata/ folder.
You will have a few minutes to start PWS_updates.php again and it will accept that file.

There are multiple lder versions of PWS_updates.php, so you can also try to download


Problems - probably my fault :confused:

  1. I tried to update today. I had updated on 19 February 2023, 14 June 2023 and 11 September 2023, but today I downloaded a file of all updates (37) since 19 April 2023. Why?

The installed.arr file suggests I only need to update 6 items. Do I get a big download because most of my scripts are marked 09 and I am supposed to check them?

  1. Then I applied for a token to download the final full version for reference purposes, and was told:

The PWS_updates.php screen shows the outdated scripts and the date of the oldest script.
Then the zip is returned from the first update after the oldest date.

Please make a screenshot so i can see what is happening.

You only have to update the scripts which are shown on the screen as not all scripts are used by all users.


So maybe it’s because I never updated wrnWarningEU-ATOM.php and wrnWarningEU-RSS.php because I hoped I wouldn’t need them. . . I knew it would be my fault :slightly_frowning_face:

P.S. Got the full download now.

Thanks, Wim.

Does this mean that this dashboard will no longer be maintained (by Wim) and eventually will cease to exist?

That’s not how I see it. Wim will concentrate his efforts on the new version but he’s still providing support for the freeware version if he has time. Others can also provide support and are free to take the freeware code and develop it further if they wish to.

Hi Ron_8712,

Welcome to the forum.

The 2012_lts version is stable and needs no considerable time to maintain.
On the other hand, adding new features and new data-sources is a PITA.
2012_lts is now a free-ware version with full error-removing support plus install-support for new users.Nothing more, nothing less.
There are a lot of knowledgable users on this forum who can help also.

Someone with a problem should visit the forum and use the search function first.
Probably the solution for the problem is already documented in a post.
If the problem can not be found, write a post and do not forget to include a working URL to the website with the problem.

After the new 2401_lts release is stable, the 2012_lts release still needs to be maintained for a few years. Currently, there are more than 700 (active) 2012_lts users.
One can not force those users to install a new improved version, therefor I think it will take a few years before 2012_lts gradually fades away.


Thanks and clear. Did not realize that a new release is in the works. Looking forward to that and in the meantime I’ll ‘play around’ with the 2012_lts release.