#2 setup under FTP/http download not working

Hi Brian,
Glad you took a few days off and got away from the PC and WD. Some how we all survived.
I have been downloading/uploading the file Http://weather.noaa.gov/radar/images/DS.p19r0/si.kgsp/latest.gif on #1 setup under FTP setup/http download along with two other files for some time. In order to down/upload this file more frequently then the other files, I tried to isolate it to the #2 setup. When I tried to down/upload using test or by the timer, the above program is not used but instead, the following is used: http://weather.noaa.gov/data/forecasts/zone/nc/ncz062.txt. This is the program I use for metar download under FTP setup. I have deleted everything in #2 setup several times and do not have ticked for txt. I know I have tried to download the ncz062 file using the #2 setup without success, but I thought it would be deleted out by now. Any ideas? Using V9.62e.

i have not set up the separate text file option for the 2nd http download
i need to do that

ps, any problems with wd and your data from your grow station?

I have no special problems. Any problems that I see are common to everyone else, so I don’t report them. Considering what the program was two years ago when I started using it, I have no complaints. WD does far more then I could have ever dreamed. Thanks for asking.